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The new era in
digital marketing.

Bring your appointments and information into the personal calendars and combine your marketing with a unique user service. Appointment management and communication from a single source.

Use the most professional Appointment CMS for your project now.

You are not allone. calovo is used by well-known customers.

High frequency, high relevance
∅ 80 smartphone sessions per day

Maximum attention at the right moment

Outstanding conversion

Direct access to the lock screen via standard appointment reminder

No additional (calendar) app, permanent presence in existing calendar app

Long-term bond thanks to event series logic

The appointment reminder leaves you enough room to unfold and send your messages - let your creativity run wild!

Infinite space for your information

Determine how often and when the appointment reminder pops up

Use links for direct conversion into existing offers

Permanent presence in the middle of people's daily lives

On every call of the calendar immediately visible

The average user opens his calendar more than 7 times a day

   calendar Tomorrow
Cup: Professionals - Opponent
25. February, at 8:00 p.m.
Just at the right moment on the lock screen! Bring your appointments and information into the personal calendars and combine your marketing with a unique user service. Appointment management and communication from a single source. Maximum efficient. Full-digital. Highly professional.
00:42 Sunday, 24. February
  calendar Tomorrow
Cup: Professionals - Opponent Tomorrow at 8:00 p.m.
  calendar In 7 days
BusinessClub "After-Work-GetTogether" March 3, at 6:00 p.m.
  calendar In 19 days
Save the Date Birthday Party March 15, at 8:00 p.m.
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calendar screenshot
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Professional appointment management

Appointments are valuable content (if not the most valuable) and should be treated accordingly. Forget Excel spreadsheets or old-fashioned CMS solutions. With calovo you create new appointments in seconds or integrate them via API. Organize your data in subscribable appointment series (calfeeds) and, if you wish, complete each appointment individually with relevant additional information. Discover what your appointments are capable of.

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Innovative target group communication

Dates are just a date and a time? That was yesterday! calovo turns it into a direct access into the everyday life of your target group. Your appointment series (calfeeds) can be subscribed to with any popular device. Once subscribed, all appointments and changes are updated directly in the subscribers' calendars. The combination of relevant content and service experience creates unprecedented proximity. Conquer now with calovo the lock screens and personal calendars!

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Unique marketing space

Are you looking for (digital) marketing and sales areas for your organization or for one of your sponsors / partners with which you can actually, measurably and positively reach your target group? calovo takes you directly to the lock screen and personal calendar. Thanks to the unique service experience (automatic appointment updating), your messages are sent to well-meaning and active users. Take advantage of the many possibilities of calovo!

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All important at a glance

With your dashboard you have your digital appointment marketing at any time in sight and thus under control.

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Customize your new home

The graphics and texts you present to your target group are left to your individual wishes. Make yourself at home!

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The centerpiece: your calfeeds

Offer your target group exactly the dates they need. Not more, not less. Organize your appointment variety in subscribable appointment series (calfeeds). Very easily!

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An appointment.
So much more than you think.

Capture appointments and events quickly and easily. With more information and links, you create a unique interaction with your target audience.

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For Number Cruncher

Happy users are not enough for you? You need numbers, data, facts? Our statistics provide you with the necessary "feed". Romp yourself!

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Appointment CMS end-to-end

Forget about annoying double entries and the maintenance of multiple systems. On request, calovo connects your appointment data with your website and many other systems. As you wish!

More versatile than you might expect



Start now risk-free with your permanently free account. On request and if necessary you can easily add additional features.

  • Provision for all calendar systems
  • Individually customizable account
  • Full accessibility
  • Unlimited number of subscribers
  • Widgets for your own website
  • Import your own calendars
  • Reporting directly in the dashboard


Would you like to make more of your appointments? Then our premium package with additional features is just right for you!

  • Direct contact at calovo
  • Preferred support
  • Up to 5 employee logins
  • Branding-free delivery of appointments
  • Additional reporting
  • Integration of external data sources
  • Many more...

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